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Donovan & Charissa (Engagement)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

These two have been good friends of mine for a long time! We had SO much fun taking these and our dearest friend April came along to assist me and it was much appreciated and made for a fun evening! These two are so much fun to be around and I'm so excited for their New Years Eve wedding!!!

Chad & Kendra (Wedding)

Chad and Kendra's wedding is one of the first weddings I did a couple of summers ago! We had an absolute blast and their wedding party was super easy going and just a ton of fun. Despite the unusually cold weather we had for that time of year, the day was full of laughs and good times.

Blake & Brooke (Wedding)

Blake and Brooke's wedding was a beautiful and windy day! We traveled out to Outlook and Conquest for these wedding portraits. They both come from large families and every single girl is just beautiful. They are such a fun couple and you can tell how much they love each other. They are perfect together! Definitely one of my favourite families I have had the opportunity to photograph.